Music Marketing for Rock & Metal Bands

With over 60,000 tracks uploaded to spotify and over 350 million pictures posted to facebook every day,Coffin Media is here to help you break through the noise. Coffin Media is a full service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping rock and metal bands rise above the crowd.

Who We Are & What We Do

We Are Coffin Media

We here at Coffin Media are dedicated to representing and showcasing rock and metal bands to help them get the most out of their online presence.  From helping you grow your following into a rabid fan army, to driving apple and spotify listens, and then translating those into growing attendance at your shows, our specialized experience in promoting rock and metal bands makes Coffin Media a powerful weapon in your arsenal to accelerate achieving your band’s goals.  
Coffin Media understands your fans because we are fans ourselves.  We’re metalheads, rockers, and goths just like you.  We make attention grabbing, face melting, hard driving content that energizes your fans, attracts new converts, and makes sure your music is heard. Industry professionals, promoters and venues look for engaged and active fans.  They want to see music listens, and they want to know you will draw people to your shows.    Coffin Media will ensure your band has everything it needs to advance your music, both professionally and monetarily.

What We Do

Our Services

Web Design

Your website is more than a landing page for your music. It is a representation of your brand. Let us help you customize a website that is specially designed to reflect your unique voice.

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Social Media

With the dawn of social media, it’s become even harder for band’s like yours to be heard over the cacophony of content posted everyday. We can make you stand out from the crowd.

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Press and PR

Through networking with independent content creators, bloggers, affiliate publications, and influencers specifically selected to match your style and sound, we will help you reach new audiences.

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With our database of over 3,000 venues and promoters, Coffin Media has the contacts to make sure you get on stage.

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Creative Services

We have a talented team of artists, graphic designers and indesign experts to help you with your band’s creative needs. From album covers, to Spotify canvases, to logos and videos, we’ve got you covered.

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Spotify Playlisting

You want your music heard and to bring in revenue, and we want to see that happen. Coffin Media works with popular spotify playlists to get your music in front of fans while turning listens into cash.

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